Rafting on
the Dunajec River



Pieniny Poland offers a 2-hour-long entertainment with a highly-qualified instructor on the Dunajec River with the possibility to admire picturesque scenery of the Pieniny Mountains

When rafting, each participant is equipped with a lifejacket, a helmet and a paddle.

We invite companies, young people, families with children and individuals.

The rafting route starts in Sromowce Niżne and ends either in Szczawnica or in Krocienko n.D.

We are flexible and we adjust to the needs of our clients. Your satisfaction is our success!

Photo footage is available.


Rafting and bike trips

We offer a combination of two forms of activities: a bicycle trip in the mountains and pontoon rafting in Pieniński Park Narodowy (Pieniński Natinal Park)

Bike trip: Szczawnica- Czerwony Klasztor- Sromowce Niżne Pontoon rafting: Sromowce Niżne- Szczawnica



Sromowce Niżne – Szczawnica 14 km..........individually in a kayak.......in the picturesque and wild gorge of the Dunajec River.

We guarantee double kayaks, lifejackets, helmets and paddles.