Extreme outdoor

Extreme outdoor catering

You are welcome to enjoy our catering services in different unusual places.
Are you planning an event in a forest, in the mountains or by the mountain stream? Are you hungry? We are ready to come and feed you with local specialities that will regenerate you and allow you to continue good fun.
- a pot of regional stew
- Hungarian stew
- Sour cabbage soup with ribs and potatoes
- Sour cabbage with peas
- A stew of cabbage and meat flavoured with wine
- Roast mutton or mutton with vegetables
- Aa special local kind of bread baked over fire with sheep cheese or butter
- Bread with special local kind of lard
- Our regional caviare
- Sausage roasted over fire
- Grilled pork neck
- Baked potatoes
- Grilled sheep cheese with cranberry jam
- Beans cooked with garlic and herbs

- braed
- sour or pickled cucumbers
- pickled forest mushrooms, berries
- ketchup, mustars. horseradish
- garlic butter
- s(local cheeses:bundz-local cottage cheese, oscypek-sheep cheese, korboce- kind of sheep cheese
- homemade jams
- beverages: coffee, tea, juices, whey made from sheep milk

alcoholic drinks
- mullled wine or beer
- regional tea with local plum brandy

Special order: draught beer in the mountains

All dishes are prepared from local products and based on traditional recipes
Catering and service for groups of 5 or more.
Price and menu negotiable.